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Flexo Control 3D Plus

Sibress FlexoControl 3D Plus is the only flexographic measuring device in the world that simultaneously captures the surface as well as the lower areas of grid points and their base from the side. Two cameras record the surface and flanks of the grid points, whereby the side camera can detect the entire visible area thanks to a newly developed method. The new aperture control of the side camera additionally permits the exact adjustment to the lighting or the requirements of different plate materials and grids. Both functions together make it possible to show every point in the image in razor sharp resolution, to display the finest details and ensure a high level of measurement accuracy.

Product Images Flexo Control 3D Plus

Technical Data

All technical data can be changed without announcement
Functions Measurement Plate Type Measurement Technology
- Dot area % - Flexo Plates AM, FM, HD Sensor 1,3 MB
- Dot size (diameter) µm/mm - Masked Material, film   Analysing area: ~2mm²
- Screen ruling L/cm, L/inch Side view   Screen Ruling: 30-85L/cm; 76-216 Lpi
- Line Width, Angle Conventional flexoplates   Repeatability: +/- 0,5%
- Color, with C;M;Y;K;separation Rubber plates, except black   Optional
- Statistics, Graphics,Data Comparison metal back plates, partial   ISO Calibration target
- Simultanious view from top and side     USB Lightbox
      Stationary Lightbox where the instrument is guided
Optical System Calibration   Delivered components
- Full scan of the entire 3D image with PMAG >4x, resolution > 288L/mm 2D and 3D in X-Y-Z   FC3D+ head with Software and Dongle (64 Bit)
- 3D-PMAG: >4x; Auflösung > 228L/mm. f. Seitenkamera     Special backlight ilumination
- Individual image contrast and brightness control     Transportation box
Systgem Requirements Windows 7, 10; 64Bit ; CPU > 1GHz    
  RAM > 1GB; USB2-Port; CD-Drive    
  Graphics >= 1024x768 px    

CYMK color separation

Cyan separation
Magento separation
Yellow separation

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