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Flexo-Sleeve Control

The new Flexo-Sleeve Control system is the perfect system to measure your sleeves easy and fast.

Polymere Sleeves can be measured with a diameter starting at 3.5 inch up to 12 inch and a length of up to 59 inch.
A completely new developed illumination secures absolute perfect illumination of the printing dot to guaranty highest measurement accuracy. The use of latest of the art LED technology is not only energy saving but also secures longevity.

And it extremely simple to start working with it. Simply place the system, connect – done.

The new Flexo-Sleeve Control system can be used for all instruments of our Flexo Control instruments.

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FC3D sideview
FC3D topview
Sitting on a sleeve
Sideview 1
Sideview 2
Sideview 3
Sideview Close Up
Sleeve System front view
Sleeve Measurement