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Flexo Control

The new, portable flexo analyser

The SIBRESS Flexo Control instrument is easy to use. Simply position the plate area you want to meaure over the light of the lightbox and position the instrument on top. You will immedeately see the area on your screen.

Typical iImage availability within fractions of a second as well as the results become available in only a few seconds. The software of the Flexo Control is very easy to operate and has a wide range of functions to support all kind of needs to get the information you need to have to secure and state the quality of your flexo plate. The results of the automatic image analyses of an area (> 3mm²) are visualized within seconds showing all important information, i.e. Dot% area, L/inch and so on. But there is also a wide range of possibilities to analyse your flexo plate. Measurement comparison are possible, like masked material (digital LAMS) vs. exposed plate, vs. the data of your RIP calibration. Or the results of the measurement of the optional calibration target. All results and graphics can be saved.       

The optik and camera of the Flexo Control plate device is able to analyse the finest highlight dots on plates, starting at 30~80 L/cm/ 76~200 L/inch.

Measure wherever you want
Easy positioning with the “bull’s eye”


  • The Flexo Control is compact, easy to transport and operate
  • The separate light box allows instrument operation anywhere
  • Plate size is no longer a limitation;  easily measure the largest plates
  • Equally useful in your press and pre-press department to improve communication
  • The perfect combination of high quality and low cost

Graphic User Interface Flexo Control


Measurements with the Flexo Control

Barcode width


Measure line width


Measurement of adjacent group of 4 dots


Sample for FM


Additional measurements:

  • Screen Angle
  • Single dot size

Data Capture

  • Image with measured results
  • ImageHistory of measurements
  • Data comparison, i.e.mask vs.plate
  • Save all data and the graph of the data plot window
  • Save data of ISO target measurement

Data Plot window

ISO Target result window

Fast and easy to control your measurement results

Results can be shown in L/cm or L/inch

Technical Data

What makes the Flexo Control unique

  • Automatically analyze all printing dots on an area of  >3mm²
  • Compare mask and plate results
  • Repeatability better than +/-0.5%
  • Measure all material from 80 – 200 lpi
  • Meet highest quality requirements with ISO target and auto-calibration system


More details in our download brochures:

Brochure Flexo Control (english)
Brochure Flexo Control (japanese)
Brochure Flexo Control (chinese)