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SibScope microscope

The newly developed Sibress SibScope microscope undertakes the task of examining objects such as anilox, gravure and flexo plates, with the highest image quality and precision.

At maximum magnification, objects are displayed full-screen with a size of 97 µm, via 80x lenses (relative to 60 cm screen diagonal). SibScope can be used both on round or cylindrical surfaces (from 6 cm diameter) as well as on flat surfaces.

The optical microscope can be moved in X, Y and Z directions (height adjustable). The smallest incremental movement in Z direction is < 1µm. For height/depth determination, a digital dial gauge with a 1 µm resolution is integrated into SibScope. The manual height adjustment allows accuracies of significantly below 1 µm, so that even the finest surface structures can be brought into focus, and thereby examined in razor sharp detail.

The SibScope microscope can also be used to evaluate flexographic printing plates, with the optionally available Sibress Versatile@Flex software. The Flexo software, well-established in the market over many years now, fully automatically analyses parameters such as dot percentage, dot size, screen ruling, and many more.

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